V.I.P Referral Program

Because of referrals from clients like you, our business is growing.

We are proud to be one of the most trusted service providers in the Fashion Industry, and your referrals are a constant reminder of that.

We appreciate when you tell your friends and associates about the high quality of service you receive from our company. They deserve the same great service so keep spreading the word about us!

Our V.I.P. Referral Program rewards you for getting us appointments with new companies, and again when we do business with them.

Contact us for details:

(800) 507-5617 x 11

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your continued support of our company.

The leading provider of design room support and training for the fashion industry.
43 West 33rd St.,Suite 302, New York , New York 10001, United States (800) 507-5617

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